Welcome to Aker Fiber Farm LLC!

We are happy you hopped into our site. No matter where you go on our site we’re working hard to blend fiber into every aspect of life. Be it on our fiber farm, in our studio, or in the future; we invite you to check back regularly as we change with the fibers of life.

We are very excited here as we are always growing, developing, and adding new items as we learn not only about technology, but also about ourselves, and growing a fiber farm.

Latest Blog Posts

New Year

While I am absolutely horrible at maintaining posts, I'd like to take a quick moment to thank everyone for their support.  Both in the local community and all of our friends across the United States.  Yes, that is right.  We now have followers from many of the US States and love that we can stay in … [Read More...]

March Class List

Just finished the March Class List. aker_Mar2016_class_list  We also have Fiber Fun night Tuesday and Thursday 5 - 7.  In general, we are open Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 9 - 2 and 4 - 7 and Saturday 9 -7.  We have places where folks can work, hang out while waiting for an appointment in Enfield, … [Read More...]


We have obviously caught the disease that keeps Patty hopping and not posting.  We, the Herd, are working to get ride of this bug!  Just as soon as we can find it, we will send it out with the mice.  That being said; HOPPY NEW YEAR!!!  We are all doing well after hopping over a few bumps towards the … [Read More...]